Apex Legends Developers Make a Huge Change to Their Latest Event

Apex Legends Developers Make a Huge Change to Their Latest Event

Apex Legends released their latest collection event, the Inner Beast Collection Event not too long ago, but had the unintended consequence of dividing the player base. On one end of the spectrum, you had solo players who despised and loathed playing in the new The Hunt Takeover event.

On the other, players who loved the new ‘bounty hunting’ style gameplay were big fans of the new event of Apex update since it gave players a new level of tactics and strategies to employ.

But the reality is the event sidelined most of its player base who exclusively play solo. Many players took to forums like X (formerly Twitter) and Reddit to complain about the new event and how it gave an unfair advantage to fully squadded-up trio groups.

And since the event was a ‘Takeover’ that replaced the standard unranked Trios mode, solo players were forced to participate in an event they despised. However, in what seems to be a first for the Apex Legends devs, things have changed for the better.

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What Changed

In a ‘shocking’ turn of events, Apex Legends devs Respawn Entertainment ‘actually’ listened to their community and made a drastic change in the new event’s format.

The Hunt mode which was originally a ‘Takeover’ is now changed to a ‘Limited Time Event’, a separate queue from the unranked Trios game mode. Now even solo players can get back into the game without worrying about getting ganked by 3-person teams tracking them down every round.

What makes the announcement so surprising is that this is a first for the Apex Legends dev team; implementing a change relatively quickly after receiving a crazy amount of negative feedback on the event.

This latest change is just one of a string of changes in Apex game where the dev team seriously took into account what the players were saying and subsequently worked and released hotfixes and patches to address these issues.

It’s no surprise considering the Season 20, Apex Legends Breakout has been a smash hit and has brought a healthy player base back to the battle royale. But, unfortunately, just when things were looking up, we might be facing the ‘darkest’ time in the game’s history pretty soon.

Apex Legends is Falling On Dark Times

What seems to be unsurprising at this point, many of Apex Legends staff and dev team have revealed that layoffs from parent company EA have made their way to the Respawn Entertainment studio.

The layoffs affected key personnel on the team, including Apex Legends’ global social media lead Alex Ackerman who had been there from the beginning. Many of the game’s narrative teams were also affected by the layoffs among other departments who were working on Apex Legends.

For now, only time will tell what impact these layoffs will have on the game itself. It’s just unfortunate that it had to happen at a time when Respawn Entertainment was slowly but surely bringing Apex Legends back to its former glory. Despite the difficulties, we believe the devs, they have not given up and will do all their best to meet these challenges. With continued support from all quarters, Apex Legends is expected to continue its rise, overcome obstacles, and become stronger than ever.

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