Choosing the Best Apigenin Supplement for Maximum Benefits 

Choosing the Best Apigenin Supplement for Maximum Benefits 

The name apigenin frequently pops up when searching for some of the most powerful alternative medicine products. This plant-derived compound provides diverse pharmacological applications. It’s most noted for its ability to fend off numerous diseases due to its antioxidant properties.  

Like many similar compounds, apigenin is available in dietary supplements. It’s imperative to proceed cautiously while shopping for apigenin-based products.  

This article shall briefly highlight apigenin’s perceived health benefits before recommending the top apigenin supplements to add to your wellness routine. But first, let’s start from the beginning by acquainting ourselves with this plant-based compound. 

Introducing Apigenin 

Apigenin (4′,5,7-trihydroxyflavone) is a naturally occurring substance in plants and one of the numerous flavones. The compound belongs to the aglycone class of glycosides, which include several therapeutically beneficial secretions.  

Apigenin may be relatively new in the pharmacological sector. However, the compound has been used for years to dye wool. Its brilliant yellow hues can imbue elegance and vigor into otherwise dull fabrics.  

Naturally, apigenin is abundant in various fruit and vegetable species, such as chamomile. The compound is notably high in chamomile flowers, often constituting as much as 68% of the plant’s total flavonoids.  

Other common natural sources of apigenin include parsley, celery, and celeriac.  

It’s worth noting that only a handful of plants secrete apigenin. And many producers aren’t globally distributed as they’re relatively difficult to cultivate.  

Fortunately, you can now get your hands on the best apigenin supplement and enjoy the compound’s healing properties. Due diligence is all it takes to find high-quality products formulated with organically obtained apigenin.  

Apigenin’s Health Benefits 

1. Treating Mood Swings 

Apigenin has been widely studied for its mood-enhancing properties. The compound addresses mood swings by binding to gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) receptors, a mechanism known to alleviate stress and anxiety.  

2. Relieving Inflammation 

Nearly all flavonoids have demonstrated incredible anti-inflammatory properties, and apigenin is no exception.  

Apigenin supplements can relieve inflammation by desensitizing the pathways traveled by key inflammatory messengers, including cytokines and chemokines. 

3. Managing Cancer 

Apigenin’s anti-inflammatory properties may be useful in reversing malignant tumors. Research also suggests the compound may prevent cancer by inducing the apoptosis of cancerous cells.   

4. Improving Longevity 

You should also consider apigenin supplements if you’re looking for longevity-boosting products.  

Polyphenolic extracts like apigenin contain powerful antioxidant properties. These compounds can lower the onset of premature aging and related diseases by fighting oxidative stress caused by free radicals.  

Best Apigenin Supplements 

1. Pro Health Full-spectrum 500 Mg Apigenin 

There’s no better place to begin our rundown of the best apigenin supplements than this powerful dietary product by Pro Health.  

Pro Health Full-spectrum 500 Mg Apigenin is formulated from 100% naturally obtained apigenin. It also features other therapeutic substances like piperine and parsley powder for compounded therapeutic effects.  

The product is available in 60 capsules, enough to last you several weeks before you have to hit the supplements store again. Each capsule contains 500 milligrams (mg) of apigenin, 7 mg of piperine, and 700 mg of organic parsley powder. 

2. Double Wood Bioflavonoid Relaxation Apigenin Supplement 

Double Wood’s Bioflavonoid Relaxation Apigenin Supplement is mostly marketed for its cardioprotective properties. However, this product can relieve anxiety, improve sleep quality, and address virtually all medical issues that apigenin is generally recommended for.  

Up to 120 apigenin capsules are in each bottle, enough to last you up to two months. Each capsule provides 50 mg of apigenin.  

Double Wood’s Bioflavonoid Supplement is locally manufactured in the United States. The supplement is free from genetically modified organisms (GMOs), gluten, adulterants, and contaminants. 

3. Vitamatic Apigenin 50mg Vegetarian Capsules 

Soothe your nerves with Vitamatic’s powerful Apigenin 50 mg Vegetarian Capsules.  

The product is specifically formulated for those battling chronic anxiety, mood swings, and sleep disorders. But it’s also effective against premature aging, cognitive decline, and low immunity. A package provides 120 capsules, each containing 50 mg of pure apigenin.  

Vitamatic Apigenin 50mg Vegetarian Capsules are locally manufactured by a GMP-compliant company and in an FDA-registered facility, which lends credence to their quality. The capsules are free of sugar, starch, yeast, eggs, wheat, and artificial additives. 

4. Deal Supplement Bioflavonoid Apigenin Supplement 

If you’re looking for apigenin supplements to last you several months, you might want to look in the direction of this Deal Supplement product.  

Deal Supplement’s Bioflavonoid Apigenin Supplement provides a whopping 240 capsules in a single bottle, each serving delivering 100 mg. The product is manufactured from 100% natural chamomile flowers. It’s free from GMOs, gluten, dairy, soy, eggs, and wheat.  

As with most Deal Supplement products, this apigenin supplement has been duly tested and certified as both efficient and safe for use. 

5. Natural Stacks Apigenin Supplement 

Natural Stacks Apigenin Supplement is a full-spectrum product formulated with a triple threat of apigenin, passionflower, and lemon balm. Each compound provides distinct therapeutic properties, with stress relief and sleep improvement being their signature effects.  

There are 120 vegan capsules in each Natural Stacks Apigenin Supplement. Each capsule contains 50 mg of apigenin, 200 mg of passionflower, and 600 mg of lemon balm, a perfect balance for a full-spectrum product.  

As with other products on this list, Natural Stacks Apigenin Supplement is GMO-free and gluten-free and comes with proof of laboratory testing.  

Wrap Up 

With dozens of apigenin supplements, sifting through a sea of recommendations might prove a bit challenging. The above-listed products are a great place to jump-start your search for high-quality apigenin-infused supplements.