Comprehensive Guideline About Finishings in Custom Flip Top Boxes

Comprehensive Guideline About Finishings in Custom Flip Top Boxes

Knowing the various steps in manufacturing custom flip top boxes is good if you belong to the business endeavor. The flip-top boxes are widely utilized in the retail market. By knowing the manufacturing method, you can get innovative notions to design your boxes creatively. 

A remarkable-looking package allows you to not only stand out in the public but also attract customers. Finishing is an important and last step in the manufacturing procedure. This delivers a wholesome unboxing experience to the consumers.

In this blog, we will tell you about the decorative flip top boxes and different coating and finishing opportunities in flip-top packaging that you need to entice clients.

What Are Custom Flip Top Boxes?

A flip-top box is packaged with a cap that has a magnetic closure. It opens in an elegant way to showcase your products. For consumers, getting their outcomes in flip-top boxes feels none less than acquiring a small treasure box. Many vendors use this packaging to keep a combination of items such as clothes, books, nail polish, cosmetic items, and jewelry. 

You can trust the flip top box with magnetic closure because it keeps your outcomes snug. Companies can customize their color, shape, material, and printing per their needs. They can even place a logo to mark their individuality on their products. This factor differentiates them from others. You can find both elements in this packaging due to custom printing beauty and security. 

Coatings And Finishing Options

The finishing choices provide safety to flip top boxes wholesale and add a lavish touch. They are a remarkable method to leave a lasting impression on the buyers. Here are all the important facts about finishes and coatings that you must know:

Soft Touch Coating

This is a light film of matt plastic. You can print it on the flip-top box. It also delivers a soft texture to your boxes while withstanding all fingerprints. This coating gives you a velvety texture, making your flip top gift box excellent for giving presents. 

Aqueous coating

A box with a magnetic flap looks gorgeous. However, You can improve its outlooking with an AQ coating. This coating will protect your boxes against dirt or fingerprints and create prints on the box last. It is the most cost-effective and eco-friendly. That’s why it’s a perfect alternative for you.

Spot UV coating 

This coating shields your flip-top boxes from the impacts of sun rays. These boxes are often used to keep costly items. If you don’t like your articles to get damaged by sun rays, then bear for this. It also gives a polished shine to the flip top boxes.


A lamination will interfere with tearing off your packages. It will also shield them from moisture. There are two styles of lamination:

  • Gloss Lamination: This will make your packaging appear glossy while adding stability. 
  • Matt Lamination: This lamination gives a nonreflective and matt glance. It feels soft when you touch custom flip top boxes with matt lamination. Here are discussed add-ons that can be applied to the luxury flip-top boxes. 

Foil stamping

The procedure involves putting on foil coatings on the boxes. It gives an elegant and high-end outlook to packaging. The foil stamping can be printed on the box in both gold and silver. However, it is a costly coating. If you want to give your flip-top boxes a metallic formation, use this finishing technique. 


It will increase the elegance of flip top boxes with magnetic closure. An embossing die during the heating procedure is used to raise a specific portion of the box. This process is called embossing. New enterprises must use this technique to make their brand logo observable.  


Debossing is the opposite of embossing. It is used to lessen a portion of the packaging. In most circumstances, companies use this to write the name of a product. On one packaging box, you can use it for both embossing and debossing.

Boxes And Marketing 

Business card boxes are powerful marketing tools to increase your revenues and enhance your brand image and increase sales. Packaging and labels with unique combinations of colors can be used to gain the potential buyer’s attention towards the product. Marketing strategies and attractive designs are helpful from a selling point of view. Creative packaging represents the brand identity.


The detail of the writing spotlights different options for coatings and finishes in a custom flip top box. These contain AQ coating, spot UV, Laminations, debossing and embossing, etc. These amazing coatings and finishes may cost you. However, it creates an unforgettable impression of your brand on your consumers. The goal of each business is to make a profit and make many buyers.