Different Breast Shapes and How They Affect Bra Fit

Different Breast Shapes and How They Affect Bra Fit

Finding the right bra is as much a matter of knowing which styles suit your shape as it is finding the right size. If you want the best possible combination of comfort and fashion, the key is understanding your breast shape and the support it requires to produce the silhouette you want. From there, you can figure out how changing the style helps you produce the right shape for any situation, so you get a better fit no matter what you’re wearing.

Asymmetric Breasts

The best bras for asymmetrical breasts are those that are seamless while providing full coverage. The best-known example of a bra style that does this consistently is probably the t-shirt bra. The combination of seamlessness and full coverage means the volume of the larger breast is spread over a wider area, which helps to minimize the visibility of the size difference. Minimizer bras can also do this, and they might be preferable for large cup sizes.

Bell-Shaped Breasts

Teardrop breasts are smaller at the top, so they benefit from an underwire bra that helps lift them to balance the volume on top while providing support underneath. This can also be accomplished with wireless bras that are built for support in a similar way. The key is the support should lift more than it projects forward.

East West Breasts

Many women find east-west breasts challenging because of the way the nipples face outward, but the key is finding a bra style that helps more with forward projection than with lift. Support is still important, especially at large cup sizes, but that projection is what will help you get the shape you want out of an outfit. Contoured bras are designed for this, and seamless wireless bras like t-shirt bras can also help for less formal looks. Underwired bras can help with lift if you need it for a specific outfit, but they are not as important for east-west breasts as for teardrop-shaped ones.

Shallow Breast Shapes

When you have a lot of breast area but not a lot of forward projection, it is called a shallow breast. Finding a 38A bra with the right projection is the key. Upward and forward support together provide the shape you want when you’re looking to maximize their appearance. Push-up bras are recommended for special occasions and high-fashion events.

Fine-Tune Your Bra Size for the Ultimate Fit

Once you know what bra styles work for your breast type, the next step is understanding sister sizing and how it can help you navigate the best fit as you change bra styles situationally. Sister sizes are sizes that preserve the volume in the cup while lengthening or shortening the band to provide control over how tightly it fits. That can help because sometimes your measurements are not quite on target for the size, so a little adjustment to your band can help you navigate the best fit.

If you have not updated your measurements yet or you’re looking to learn more about bra styles for different shapes that are not covered here, a bra fit quiz can help. Take one today to learn more.

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