Exploring “A Sabiá Sabiazinha”: The Brazilian Portuguese Dub of Robin Robin

Exploring “A Sabiá Sabiazinha”: The Brazilian Portuguese Dub of Robin Robin

In the colourful tapestry of lively storytelling, “A Sabiá Sabiazinha” emerges as a charming chapter, bringing the heartwarming tale of Robin Robin to Brazilian audiences. This Brazilian Portuguese dub, launched on Netflix on November 24, 2021, seamlessly weaves together the magical global of Robin Robin with the rich linguistic nuances of Brazilian Portuguese. Let’s delve deeper into the diverse factors of this dubbed model.

The Tale Unveiled: Robin Robin’s Brazilian Journey

“Robin Robin,” initially crafted as a forestall-motion animated movie, discovered a brand new domestic in the hearts of Brazilian visitors via the dubbing magic of “A Sabiá.” The story follows the adventures of Robin, a chook raised through mice, as she navigates the demanding situations of fitting right into an international wherein she feels she does not quite belong. The Brazilian Portuguese model preserves the essence of the unique narrative even including an awesome flavour that resonates with the nearby target market.

The Cast: Voices that Bring Characters to Life

The fulfilment of any dubbed version lies in the capacity of the solid to seize the essence and emotions of the characters. In “A Sabiá,” the cast grants stellar performances, ensuring a continuing transition of Robin Robin’s story into Brazilian households. Let’s take a better look at the gifted actors who lent their voices to the endearing characters:

Fernanda Vandelli as Sabiá (Robin Robin): 

Stepping into the wings of the protagonist, Fernanda Vandelli breathes existence into the character of Sabiá, shooting the essence of Robin Robin’s adventurous spirit in Brazilian Portuguese.

Alexandre Maguolo as Pega (Magpie): 

Alexandre Maguolo takes at the position of Pega, infusing Magpie with the attraction and personality that makes this man or woman memorable.

Alexandre Moreno as Pai (Mouse): 

Alexandre Moreno lends his voice to Pai, the mouse who plays a pivotal role in Robin Robin’s upbringing. His portrayal provides depth and warmth to the man or woman.

Márcia Coutinho as Gata (Cat): 

Márcia Coutinho steps into the feline personality of Gata, contributing to the diverse and energetic cast of characters within the Brazilian model.

Manuela Mota as Flynn: 

Flynn, a character inside the Robin Robin universe, comes to life via the voice abilities of Manuela Mota, adding every other layer of size to the narrative.

João Pedro Teixeira as Flin: 

João Pedro Teixeira lends his voice to Flin, a character who adds his precise flair to the storyline, enriching the Brazilian viewing reveal.

Enzo Dannemann as Pip: 

The person Pip unearths a voice in Enzo Dannemann, who brings younger strength and allure to this animated journey.

Victor Hugo Fernandes as Dink: 

Completing the ensemble, Victor Hugo Fernandes gives the voice for Dink, rounding out the forged of characters in “A Sabiá Sabiazinha.”

A Melodic Blend: MGE Studios and the Art of Dubbing

The Brazilian Portuguese dub of Robin Robin was crafted with meticulous attention to detail at MGE Studios. This studio, known for its information within the artwork of dubbing, performed an important function in ensuring that the variation retained the emotional intensity and humour of the authentic at the same time resonating with the Brazilian target audience.

Cinematic Visuals and Soundscapes: Adapting the Aesthetic Experience

Beyond the voice performances, “A Sabiá Sabiazinha” introduces visitors to the charming visuals and soundscapes of Robin Robin in Brazilian Portuguese. The edition extends beyond language, incorporating localized elements to decorate the overall aesthetic enjoyed by the target market.

The Impact on Brazilian Animation Enthusiasts

The launch of “A Sabiá” marks more than only a dubbed version of a famous lively film; it’s a cultural occasion for Brazilian animation fans. The dubbing procedure brings the characters towards the target audience, growing a connection that goes beyond subtitles.


“A Sabiá Sabiazinha” no longer most effectively introduces the mesmerizing world of Robin Robin to Brazilian visitors however also showcases the prowess of Brazilian voice actors and the artistry of dubbing. The release on Netflix brings this model to a huge target market, allowing each enthusiast of the original and new visitors to experience the magic of Robin Robin within the warm embrace of Brazilian Portuguese. As the characters take flight with new voices, “A Sabiá” stands as a testament to the commonplace enchantment of animated storytelling and the artwork of dubbing that brings it to lifestyles in diverse cultural landscapes.


1. What is “A Sabiá Sabiazinha,” and how does it relate to the lively movie Robin Robin?

“A Sabiá” is the Brazilian Portuguese dub of the lively film Robin Robin. Released on Netflix on November 24, 2021, it brings the heartwarming story of Robin Robin to Brazilian audiences with localized voice performing and cultural nuances.

2. Who are a number of the key voice actors in “A Sabiá,” and which characters do they paint?

The solid of “A Sabiá” features talented Brazilian voice actors, along with Fernanda Vandelli as Sabiá (Robin Robin), Alexandre Maguolo as Pega (Magpie), Alexandre Moreno as Pai (Mouse), Márcia Coutinho as Gata (Cat), Manuela Mota as Flynn, João Pedro Teixeira as Flin, Enzo Dannemann as Pip, and Victor Hugo Fernandes as Dink.

3. How does the Brazilian Portuguese adaptation contribute to the storytelling of Robin Robin?

The Brazilian Portuguese version provides an awesome flavour to the storytelling of Robin Robin, keeping the unique narrative’s essence at the same time as incorporating the linguistic and cultural nuances of Brazilian Portuguese. This localization pursuits to resonate more deeply with the Brazilian audience.

4. Where did the dubbing for “A Sabiá Sabiazinha” finish, and what role did MGE Studios play in the manufacturing?

The dubbing for “A Sabiá” befell at MGE Studios. Known for its information in the art of dubbing, MGE Studios performed an essential function in ensuring that the Brazilian model maintained the emotional intensity and humour of the original movie whilst connecting with the Brazilian target audience.

5. How has the release of “A Sabiá Sabiazinha” impacted Brazilian animation enthusiasts?

The launch of “A Sabiá” is not only a dubbed version of Robin Robin; it’s a cultural occasion for Brazilian animation fans. The localized edition brings the characters closer to the target audience, creating a connection that goes beyond subtitles and complements the general viewing experience for Brazilian animation lovers.