Mellon ACLS Dissertation Innovation Fellowship – Shaping the Future of Academia

Mellon ACLS Dissertation Innovation Fellowship – Shaping the Future of Academia

When you start thinking beyond the conventional dissertations, you will get various advanced research opportunities. A similar program is a Mellon ACLS Dissertation Innovation Fellowship that helps young PhD researchers in the field of humanities and social sciences. This program supports students during the stages of dissertation development with a heavy stipend of a total of $50,000 for one fellowship year. To get the benefit of this, you need to:

  • Be a PhD student in the social science or humanity department in the US.
  • Be in the 2nd year or onward in PhD, and have completed all the essential coursework before starting the dissertation.
  • Pursue a one-year fellowship for dissertation research while becoming free of other responsibilities.
  • Not have applied more than once for this fellowship.
  • Be free from regular coursework, teaching duties and other assistantships.
  • Be in the PhD and not complete it before 1st Jan 2023 for the 2023-2024 Mellon ACLS Dissertation Innovation Fellowship.
  • Be ready to start this fellowship between 1st July and 1st September 2024.

You should not see it only as a financial helper; rather it also paves a path towards 

a life-changing experience. It motivates students to explore areas that have not been researched for many years. However, students often need assistance in this critical situation, so they rush towards dissertation writing services. These writing companies offer great comprehensive support from designing research to writing innovative approaches.

In this article, we will discuss how you can shape your doctoral future with the help of this Mellon ACLS Dissertation Innovation Fellowship 2024.

What is Mellon ACLS Dissertation Innovation Fellowship?

According to the University of Chicago, this fellowship program aims to help ongoing and coming PhD scholars in the humanities and interpretive social sciences. These special candidates are those who are passionate about making bold and creative steps. 

This program helps students financially by providing a huge amount to take their research to new heights. So, if you’re a doctoral student with big ideas and a desire to revolutionise your field, the Mellon ACLS Dissertation Innovation Fellowship is the perfect opportunity for you.

What is ACLS Fellowship?

According to Duke University, ACLS granted about $3.8 million to support 60 outstanding scholars. The ACLS Fellowship aims to help PhD students pursue creative and groundbreaking research in the humanities and social sciences. This program is funded by a grant from the Mellon Foundation.

Top 5 Secrets to Win a Mellon ACLS Dissertation Innovation Fellowship

Wondering how would you be successful in getting this fellowship? Worry not when our expert’s assistance is right before you. Looking at your needs, we have shortlisted these 6 crucial techniques to boost your application that will ultimately increase your chances of success:

1. Begin With a Spark

Before starting anything, you should have an inner spark to do a particular thing. Anything without an aim dies before its execution. Ask yourself what are the things that keep you awake all day and night. What are the things that pique your interest? Finding answers to these queries will help you decide the field and area of study you want to pursue as your doctoral research. 

So, always go for your instincts and interest choices before finalising anything. It helps you to make a significant contribution to your field by getting assistance from Mellon ACLS Dissertation Innovation Fellowship.

2. Focus on Innovation

The basic essence of this fellowship is that it is very daring and requires unusual research. Here, you should clearly express how your new research will push the boundaries of various limits. You should address the challenges faced and how you would overcome them to explore the hidden areas of this specific field.

Furthermore, you should make use of technologies like various digital forums to express your story in an innovative way. These Mellon ACLS Dissertation Innovation Fellowships encourage students to think out of the box. That’s why such research makes students able to achieve revolutionary achievements in such a short time.

3. Develop Your Innovating Skills

Students should not be afraid of asking questions different from those in the existing studies. With the support of this Mellon ACLS Dissertation Innovation Fellowship, you may create novel approaches and forms that expand the definition of a dissertation. 

It is totally different from conventional thesis or dissertation research, as it leads towards exploring new forums and promotes community-engaged research. Thus, students with a passion for innovation must participate in such opportunities.

4. Craft a Compelling Narrative

Before going for your actual dissertation writing, you need to present a research proposal. You should stay honest and clear during this step as it sets the stage and explains everything about your research strategy. Here, you should clearly elaborate your compelling narrative and make your proposal unique. 

In addition, you should express how it values the already existing literature, what kind of new information one can get from it, how your work distinguishes it from others, and what makes it outstanding. Let your inner passion shine through both research proposals and then dissertation writing during Mellon ACLS Dissertation Innovation Fellowship.

5. Seek Mentorship and Support

Getting assistance from professionals in your field and prominent researchers helps you to enhance your enthusiasm for innovation. Their feedback and ideas might be crucial in designing your project and application. 

Moreover, you should also seek guidance from your University’s supervisors, fellows and mentors. In addition, getting help from writing centres and research support services is also a great option. Students often get help with Mellon ACLS Dissertation Innovation Fellowship from expert dissertation writers. They help them to connect to both already existing knowledge and new trends in their field.


Undoubtedly, the Mellon ACLS Dissertation Innovation Fellowship is an opportunity for doctoral students who are driven to push the envelope and make an impact on academia. So, this fellowship might be the spark you’ve been looking for if you want to change the course of your profession and want to break away from traditional norms. 

However, if you find it tough, you should get guidance from this comprehensive guide, where we try to cover everything for your ease. So, accept the challenge and let your creativity run wild with people who are transforming higher education.


Who is Eligible for ACLS Fellowship?

ACLS is looking for candidates for the Mellon ACLS Dissertation Innovation Fellowships. It is only open to individuals pursuing PhD in the humanities or interpretive social sciences. Those with degrees other than a PhD are not eligible for this program. These fellowships offer a year of support for doctoral students who are gearing up to start innovative dissertation research projects.

What is the Prize for ACLS Dissertation?

The ACLS dissertation prize offers a $40,000 stipend for the fellowship year, along with up to $8,000 for research, training, development, and travel expenses related to the project. It also includes a $2,000 stipend for external mentorship.

What is the Difference Between ALS and ACLS?

ACLS stands for Advanced Cardiac Life Support, also known as ALS or Advanced Life Support. Both cover similar techniques.

ALS (Advanced Life Support)

This term covers a wide range of advanced medical care for critically ill patients, especially those facing life-threatening situations.

What it covers: Goes beyond just heart-related emergencies and includes respiratory issues, shock, poisoning, and other critical conditions.

ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support)

This is a specific part of ALS that focuses on treating life-threatening heart-related emergencies such as cardiac arrest, arrhythmias, and acute coronary syndromes.

What it covers: Primarily deals with managing heart problems and restoring normal heart function.

Is ACLS Better Than BLS?

It’s not good to say that anything from this combo is better than the other because are used separately in different situations. Such as:

  • BLS (Basic Life Support) is vital for non-medical individuals to provide immediate life-saving help during emergencies. It’s crucial in those critical moments before professional medical assistance arrives.
  • ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) is more advanced and tailored for healthcare professionals working in critical care environments. It builds upon BLS by offering advanced techniques to stabilize patients and potentially save lives in complex medical situations.

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