How to Fix Epson L220 Printer Not Scanning Documents?

How to Fix Epson L220 Printer Not Scanning Documents?

If your Epson L220 printer is not scanning your documents properly, then check out the different fixes shared in this article to get rid of this issue.

The well-known brand Epson needs no introduction in the industry of computer hardware. With a variety of printer and scanner ranges, the company offers affordable and best-quality devices. No matter what the type of printer and scanner is (laser, colored inkjet, dot matrix, etc), the basic problem remains the same. And lately, Epson users have also reported issues with their scanners.

If you are also here to resolve the Epson L220 scanner not scanning issue, this is definitely the right page. The guide below simplifies the issues with your scanner and helps you with Epson scanner troubleshooting. But before we move to the solutions we have listed the most common problems that can lead to the Epson printer not scanning properly.

Common Reasons Affecting Your Epson Scanner Scanning Process

Given below are the possible concerns that can lead to the Epson scanning problems on your Windows device.

  • The connections of your printer are loose or incorrect.
  • Epson printer is not set as the default printer on your device
  • The Epson L220 Printer and Scanner Driver is missing, corrupted, or outdated.

These are the most common issues behind the scanning problem. However, the good news is there’s a solution to each of these issues. The next section explains the steps to fix these problems. So without any further delay let’s dig into the list of solutions for the issue in your Windows devices.

Tips And Tricks To Fix The Scanning Of Epson Printer

Below are some methods that you can implement in order to get rid of the scanning issue with your Epson printer.

Solution1: Update Default Printer to Epson Printer

The Epson scanning problem can also occur when your device has multiple printers connected to it. As you connect a different printer the default printer used for printing can change. Therefore, for Epson printer troubleshooting here is how to update the driver default printer setting on your PC.

Step1: On your Windows, 10 or later version device use Windows and I keys together to open the Settings App. For older version devices, click on the Start menu and open Microsoft Settings.

Step2: Expand the Devices category from the list. From the left panel switch to the printer and Scanners tab.

Step3: Choose the Epson Printer from the list and Set it as the default Printer. Also, make sure you uncheck the checkbox for LEt Windows manages Default Printer.

Once the Default printer settings are updated, try using your printer. If the scanning issue is intact move on to the next solution.

Solution 2: Check Epson Printers Physical Connections

If the above solution didn’t work check the connections of your printer. Physical connections must be tight enough and proper to avoid this issue. Here are some of the basic checks to be made

  • If the printer is connected through a USB port, check the cable from both ends. Connect the cable with another device to make sure the problem is not with the cable. Replace the cable with a new one in case the connection issue remains when tried with a different device.
  • In case the printer connection is established with a network connection, check the status and hardware of the network connection. Make sure the issue is not related to the speed of your internet.
  • If the Epson printer is connected via Bluetooth check if the devices lie within the range. Try disconnecting and reconnecting the printer for Epson printer troubleshooting.

Solution3: Run Printer Troubleshooter

There are several in-built tools and utilities that come with every version of Windows from a long time ago. You can use these tools and features to make your computer flawless. Windows troubleshooter is one of these tools which can be used to get rid of most of the issues faced on your computer. Here are some instructions that you can follow to use the Windows troubleshooter.

Step1: Search for Troubleshooter settings in the Start menu’s search bar.

Step2: Now, go to the Additional troubleshooters link present under the Recommended troubleshooting section.

Step3: After that, expand the Printers section by clicking on it. Then, click on the Run the troubleshooter button to start the process.

Step4: Wait for some time and let your computer find the factor causing this issue. Then, follow the on-screen instructions in order to get rid of this problem successfully.

After finishing the troubleshooting process, restart your Windows device and the issue will be resolved automatically. 

Wrapping Up

The next time you face an Epson scanner not scanning issue, you know the format to be followed to fix it. Hopefully, the above guide helped you with your printer concerns and now you have a completely working printer. The most important part is to keep the printer drivers up to date. Additionally, share your thoughts about this blog in the comments section below.